Pastoral Care

Upon entering the School, pupils are placed in mixed tutorial groups of about 27 - 30.  At Key Stage 3, the tutor groups consist of either Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9 pupils. At Key Stage 4, each tutor group consists of either Year 10 or Year 11 pupils. This grouping closely supports the academic curriculum division of the two Key Stages. These groups meet for registration each morning in a 20 minute Tutorial period. The form tutor is able to establish a relationship with the pupils and give help and guidance with problems. The pastoral and guidance work of the form tutors is supported by the Learning Co-ordinators, two Learning Directors, three Pupil Service Managers, Child Protection Officer/Pupil Counsellor and, where appropriate, a Learning Mentor.

Sex and Relationship Education

We would like to inform you that your child will be taught Sex Education throughout their time at Healing School.

It is not taught as a separate topic isolated from other subjects, but is allowed to develop naturally out of pupils' work in many subjects. However, all pupils take part in a citizenship, personal and social education programme which is taught as a discrete lesson weekly. This lesson is now identified on the timetable as PSHCE (Physical, Social, Health and Citizenship Education).

During Years 7, 8 and 9 the pupils develop an awareness of personal responsibilities and their role within relationships. In Year 7, pupils learn about how their bodies change through puberty and also how life begins and develops. During year 8, lifestyles are considered in more depth. (Pupils learn about contraception and S.T.I's including HIV/AIDS).

Should you wish to exercise your statutory right to remove your child from these lessons, please put this request in writing to: Mrs C Gunn (Vice Principal).

Healing Helpers

Pupils can discuss issues surrounding friends, homework and bullying, amongst many other minor problems they may be experiencing; it is a particularly useful service for year 7 who have made the transition period from primary school to secondary in the September term.

This is run by Mrs Moore with the support of the Pastoral team and led by year 9 and 10 pupils who have applied to be Healing Helpers. They have been given some informal training on dealing with issues that arise for pupils and are fully aware of the issues that they need to refer on to a staff member for further advice and support.

This is an excellent service provided by the pupils which gives them the responsibility to support their peers. For those attending for support, it is valuable to be understood and listened to by other pupils who may have been through similar experiences themselves.