NPQ Provider Performance Data

NPQ Provider Performance Data

In accordance with the Department for Education's National Professional Qualification (NPQ) Quality Framework (Requirement E - Transparency), The Humber Teaching School and Leading Learning Forward TSA, as DfE accredited NPQ providers, maintain up-to-date performance data for public information in close liaison with the National Quality Assurance Agent (NQAA) - Tribal Education.

The requirements, as specified in the NPQ Quality Framework, are for NPQ providers to make publicly available a clear and up-to-date, description of their programmes and outcomes, including (but not limited to):

  • cost of participation, including assessment
  • duration of programme, including number of guided learning hours for each type of study, for example face-to-face, peer, online, individual and work-based
  • performance against the metrics in the framework

Details of our NPQ Delivery Plan can be read and downloaded here and on the NPQ pages of this website.

HTS & LLF Performance Data