Terrific GCSE Results At Healing

Celebrations took place at Healing Academy today to mark another set of ‘excellent’ GCSE results.

Acting Principal Michelle Dewland congratulated the Year 11s and thanked the dedicated work of staff after another year of exam change.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the results overall,” said Mrs Dewland.

Especially pleasing is the “Basics” whole school measure, with 81% of pupils achieving the standard pass of grade 4 or better (the equivalent to previous grade C and above) and impressively 51% of pupils achieving a strong pass of grade 5 and above. There were also excellent performances from individual departments, with English achieving 91% standard grade 4 and above and Maths achieving 82%. In terms of the strong pass, 74% of pupils achieved grade 5 and above in English and 58% of pupils achieved a grade 5 and above in Maths.

Pupils in Triple Science did particularly well with 95% of pupils achieving grade 4 and above in Physics, 96 % in Biology and 100% in Chemistry, which is especially significant as over half the cohort study the more demanding Triple Science GCSEs. There were also some strong performances in French and Food Preparation, as well as in Performing Arts and Health and Social Care.

Mrs Dewland said: “Pupils and teaching staff have had to cope with an enormous amount of change, with most foundation subjects joining Maths and English in the new grading system.

“Schools have had little idea as to how these changes would impact. There is then, an element of relief as well as delight at our results.

“Among them are some outstanding individual performances.”

Mrs Dewland added: “Once again, Healing School has demonstrated consistently outstanding results.

“They reflect the dedication and hard work at Team Healing. I also wish to thank parents, carers and grandparents for supporting their children and the school.

“People should also reflect that it’s not just about results. We are developing well-rounded individuals and our commitment to extra-curricular activities such as sport, music and drama remains resolute.

“I wish our Year 11s all the very best with their future educational and career ambitions.”

Chief Executive Officer of Healing Multi-Academy Trust Mark Knapton, formerly Principal at the school, congratulated pupils and staff.

“This is a wonderful set of results and a tribute to everybody here,” he said. “They will help to strengthen our reputation regionally and nationally as we look to grow the Trust.”