Pupils lead anti-plastic campaign

Plastic waste is being reduced at Healing School after a campaign by two environmentally friendly pupils.

Year 7s Grace Barnett and Charlotte Gresham have been targeting the lunch hall, encouraging staff and pupils to recycle more.

Grace wrote an emotive letter to Principal, Mrs Dewland, about the amount of plastic waste being discarded in school.

Mrs Dewland agreed and directed her to recycling advocate Mrs Codd, also Deputy Head of the English faculty.

Grace Barnet (Left) and Charlotte Gresham (right) with Mrs Codd

Joined by her friend, Charlotte, the girls put together a presentation about cutting down on plastic packaging and suggested viable alternatives for pupils with packed lunches.

The presentation was shown in assemblies for Years 7, 8 and 9 and the duo also made posters for the bins around campus, showing what could and could not be put in them.

The girls have also been spending time patrolling the lunch hall to ensure pupils put their rubbish in the right receptacles.

Mrs Codd introduced the girls to charity ‘North East Lincs Women’s Aid’ who collect ‘rubbish’ and turn it into cash. Grace and Charlotte were most inspired.

Grace said: “Charlotte and I are currently in Year 7, but by the time we leave school in Year 11, our aim is to greatly reduce the amount of waste and increase recycling across Healing school.

“Our next area for improvement is to approach the catering company and persuade them to remove plastic straws, cutlery and packaging from the dining halls.”

Mrs Codd said: “It is inspiring to see our youngest pupils expressing such great concern for the amount of waste we produce as a school.

“The girls are a committed duo and Mrs Dewland and I are very happy to assist them in their mission of becoming plastic free by 2023.”