Healing Racers Formula 24 Team Race At Rockingham

We are pleased to announce that our team of Healing Racers did an excellent job of representing the School at Rockingham racetrack in Northamptonshire over the 7th and 8th October.

Initially, we encountered an issue on the Saturday, as through some fine tuning to the car, we managed to make it too powerful for the electric motor! Also, we didn't realise that the track was not entirely flat and the combination of both issues meant that we very nearly melted the motor! Fortunately, we had a spare (generously provided by Whitgift). This allowed us to undo some of our modifications and have a race worthy car for the Sunday final.

Sixty-Five cars set out in our two races, however only 30 of those cars were in our 'kit car' category. In both races we were on the track for 90 minutes with 3 drivers in each race. The track was approximately 1.4 miles in length. The furthest distance we were able to travel was 29.4 miles which was actually 4 miles further than we achieved in Hull! Overall, the Healing team came 12/30 in both races.

We were up against an international field with teams from Brazil and Portugal as well as the teams who had successfully won their own heats throughout the UK, so for our first outing, this achievement was absolutely fantastic.

I'd like to thank all the pupils and staff involved, not just during the race weekend, but also leading up to it as none of it would have been possible without all the hard work and commitment shown.

Lots of ideas have been 'acquired' from eyeing up the faster opposition ready for our participation next year. Watch this space for news about how you could be involved with the next F24 car design, build and race.