Event Points To The Future

Robotics formed part of a highly-interactive presentation given by a leading-edge, multinational firm at Healing School.

A team from BAE Systems had Year 8 pupils enthralled as they demonstrated just how far software and engineering had developed.

Principal Mark Knapton thanked the firm for visiting the school in Healing.

"The feedback's been incredibly positive," said Mr Knapton. "Pupils were enthralled by the robotics and other features in the presentation.

"Pupils need to think about life after school. This showcase event was targeted at those interested in developing their skills in engineering and computer programming.

"Careers information, advice and guidance are an important part of what we do and talks like this give students a real sense of what they could achieve."

BAE Systems work closely with academic and industrial leaders to develop new technologies.

It is hoped that, by showcasing its work in schools, the next generation of children will be encouraged to aspire to a technological or engineering career.

For further information, go to www.baesystems.com