“Blood Brothers” Performance

During the last three days of term, Year 10 Performing Arts pupils and members of the KS3 Drama Club, got together to perform the infamous Willy Russell play ‘Blood Brothers.’

Over three consecutive evenings, pupils alternated roles to play several different members of the cast. In front of their friends and families, the pupils told the story of twins Mickey and Eddie who were separated at birth, with one being raised by a wealthy family, while the other was brought up in poverty. The brothers fall in love with the same girl, which ultimately results in a tragic ending.

Performing Arts teacher, Miss Compton who organised the performances said “Feedback from the audiences has been fantastic. I am so proud of all the pupils who pulled out all the stops to deliver a stunning performance. Well done!”

“I would also like to say thank you to both the pupils and staff who worked tirelessly back stage and front of house to ensure the smooth performance of the play. We are so grateful for your help and without you, the show wouldn’t go on.” Miss Compton added.

The performance will go towards the BTEC assessment for the Year 10 pupils.