Strange year ends in success

Year 11 pupils celebrate their success at Healing School with Principal Mrs Dewland


Formal GCSE Exams may not have been taken, but the class of 2020 at Healing School still achieved outstanding GCSE results.

Centre-assessed grades, some of which were increased by exams regulator Ofqual, put the school’s Attainment 8 score, the best in North East Lincolnshire last year, at 55.2, compared to 53.2 last year. 

A total of 89.7% achieved the standard pass of grade 4 or better in English and maths while 63% achieved a strong grade 5 pass in both.

Principal, Mrs Dewland, was delighted with pupils’ results. “We had a very able year group and the improvement in results is a fair reflection,” Mrs Dewland said. “Our centre-assessed grades were increased by Ofqual during moderation.

“This year group was particularly strong and it was disappointing that they could not evidence their ability in actual exams,” Mrs Dewland said.

“However, teachers’ rigorous assessments were based on a range of evidence and were fair and objective, and resulting in some being increased.

“None or our pupils were disadvantaged by not taking the exams and they can be confident about the accuracy of their grades.”

(Left to Right) Neve Gowshall, Harvey Harris, Jayden Chan and Katy Stewart pictured with Mrs Dewland

Individual departments recorded excellent results.

95% of pupils in English achieved a standard grade 4 and above and, in Maths, the figure was 91.3%.

In terms of the strong pass, 80.4% of pupils achieved grade 5 and above in English and 68.5% of pupils did similar in Maths.    

There were excellent results across the school. In Triple Science, 100% of pupils achieved grade 4 and above in all three sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry).

There were some particularly good performances from the school’s high attainers, with Harvey Harris achieving nine grade 9s, Ben Foster- Smith achieving 7 grade 9s and two grade 8s and Neve Gowshall achieving four grade 9s and three grade 8s.     

Last year’s ‘above average’ Progress 8 figure of 0.43 put Healing in the country’s top 20% for progress, winning an educational outcome award from the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT).

Mrs Dewland said: “I congratulate Year 11pupils on their outstanding results and thank them for their hard work.  The school is immensely proud of the way in which pupils responded to the unexpected end to their school career at Healing.  Nobody wanted, or indeed could have predicted this, but pupils were positive, mature and resilient.  We wish them all well for the future.”  

(Left to Right) Tyler Reeve, Megan Cass, Anna Marsden and Ben McCarthy pictured with Mrs Dewland.