NE Lincs Cycle Challenge

The NE Lincs Cycle Challenge is wheeling into our school between the 1st and the 21st of July. The aim is to get as many members of staff as possible on their bikes for at least ten minutes and, yes, helmets will be necessary.

By taking part in the event the school is hoping to encourage more children to start cycling, and doing so in a safe manner.

It is crucial that when cycling you consider safety, and do everything you can to prevent injury occurring – obviously, this involves wearing a helmet.

Helmets can be extremely useful when riding a bike, as Haydn Fulton of year 9 found out.

In August 2012 he was riding his bike through Keelby when the chain came off and caused him difficulty. This resulted in him losing control of his bike and a car which was driving behind him actually knocked him off his bike.

He explained his fall saying that:

"I flew up in the air and landed head first, my head bounced off the road."

The accident caused him minor injuries to his legs and arms, but it could have been a whole lot worse if he did not wear a helmet that day.

Haydn is 'very thankful' for his helmet as without it he believes that he 'would not be here today.'

Stories like this occur every day; so why run the risk without a helmet?

Principal Mr Knapton has a strong opinion on the use of helmets:

"As a school we try to encourage as many pupils to cycle or walk to school as possible. However, pupil safety is always the top priority and we try to explain to pupils they should use the designated cycle paths, wear helmets and always show consideration for other cyclists and road users. You only have to look at the example of Olympian James Cracknell to see that wearing a cycle helmet saved his life."

Many staff will be slipping into their cycling clothing to enjoy the challenge.

Mr King is a keen cyclist and is taking part in the cycling challenge saying:

"The challenge is a great way to get more people into cycling and promote safety."

"Cycling is a brilliant way to keep fit and is very enjoyable, but unfortunately it can be dangerous at times."

On the topic of cycle safety he added, "Cycle safety is vital, too many children ride without helmets, especially along the 60 mph road into school, it is just asking for trouble."

Joe Lofts - Year 10 - Monday 1st July 2013