Mrs Dewland's Weekly Blog - Week 12

Welcome to the last blog of what has been the strangest of terms.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their support through such unchartered territory.  We all understand the challenges that have been faced and the delicate balancing act between work and home schooling; many staff have indeed faced the same challenges.  We know it has also been particularly difficult for those parents who are key workers - and the school would like to thank each and every one of you also.   The encouragement and support all parents have given their child/children has resulted in fabulous engagement with our online learning.

I would like to particularly thank those parents who have also written to offer both support and encouragement to the school.  Many of you have recognised and acknowledged the challenges we have all faced, and the school has been incredibly appreciative of those of you who have made contact to give positive feedback.

While this blog’s main purpose has been to keep in touch with parents and pupils, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fantastic staff team who have worked tirelessly over this period.  Thank you to all, I feel privileged to lead such an amazing team. 

All of us are really looking forward to September and welcoming back all of our pupils - They have been missed.  It will be a bigger step than normal, particularly for those who have not been in school since March.  But please try not to worry too much. Heads of Faculty are planning a full curriculum recovery to get everybody back on track.

I will be writing to parents this week about our plans for September and further information will be posted on FB closer to the start of the Autumn term (which is on Thursday September 3rd

One thing already changed for the start of the year is that the Year 6 Open Evening, postponed from June, will probably not be taking place in September because of the restrictions. We will be adding to our virtual open evening approach however and be giving opportunities for pupils and parents to discover more about ‘Team Healing’.

While it has been a strange time, thankfully there have been lots of highlights.

One has been the engagement in the schools Accelerated Reader programme.  Certificates and letters have been sent out by the English team to our top ‘word count’ readers.

Particular congratulations go to Tabitha and Lily-Mae, both in Year 8, who have each read more than 6,000,000 words in the programme since September 2019. That is a lot of books! Benjamin (Year 7, 2,526,264) and Shannon (Year 8, 1,886,404) complete our top four. This is a remarkable achievement, well done to all!   Some of their pictures, with certificates, have been shared on Facebook.

The return of Year 10 pupils over the last three weeks has been really successful. The final group is in school today and staff have continued to be impressed with pupils’ attitude and maturity.

Another highlight has been seeing those children entitled to a place by the Government, including those whose parents are key workers. They have adapted well to the new environment.

We have also enjoyed hearing about skills pupils have been developing at home alongside their academic work. We have some caring, talented, and dedicated young people at Healing - and we are really proud.

Finally, I wish you all a safe summer and hope pupils enjoy a good rest and time with family and friends.  We look forward to seeing all pupils again in September.   

Take care and the very best of wishes to all, 

Mrs Dewland