Lateral Flow Testing Centre

Prior to Christmas, we received notification from the Department for Education that schools would be asked to facilitate a Covid test centre. Although optional, the DfE strongly recommended all schools partake.

Mrs Dewland initiated the organisation of our centre which has been set up in the gym. At capacity, the centre is able to test 12 people at once, with the testing taking 2 minutes. Currently, all staff are tested regularly and pupils will be tested once they return to school.

Mrs Dewland is the test centre leader and operations are supported by the Premises Team, Admin, Lunchtime Supervisors and Teaching Assistants who have been trained and are working alongside trained testers. The centre was up and running within 2 weeks and pupils who are currently in school have been tested along with all staff. The pupils were very intrigued by the testing process and handled the testing in a mature manner.

Once all pupils return to school, it is expected that they will be tested, although government advice and information is changing rapidly, we are doing our best to remain abreast of any changes.  Whatever the outcome, we are confident that the school has a robust testing programme in place and is ready to go. The health and safety of both our pupils and staff is paramount during these difficult times and we are grateful to everyone who has worked so hard to get the centre up and running.