Healing tops performance table

Delighted staff at Healing School are celebrating recognition that it is North East Lincolnshire’s top performing secondary school for attainment and other performance measures.

Provisional Government performance league tables, based on the summer’s GCSE results, confirm 82% of Year 11s achieved a grade 4 (C) or above in English and maths.

A strong, grade 5 pass was achieved in both subjects by 57.4%. Both figures are the highest in North East Lincolnshire.

Healing School topped the Attainment 8 measure in the borough, achieving the highest average grade (53.2) across eight key subjects, the local authority average being 41.3 and the national average 46.5.

The school also had the highest average point score for those entering the English Baccalaureate (4.77, the national average being 4.06).

Its Progress 8 figure, the improvement between Key Stages 2 and 4 over the same eight subjects, increased over the past 12 months to 0.44, the fourth successive year it had been above the national average. 

This has also cemented the school’s position of being one of the top performing schools for Progress 8 locally and nationally, having recently won an award for being in the England’s top 20% of schools.

Healing School Principal Mrs Dewland thanked her staff for the achievements.

“I am fortunate to have a fantastic, hard working team and the beneficiaries are the students,” she said.

 “I’m delighted about the recognition in the Government’s league tables and we look forward to the provisional figures being rubber stamped in January.

“Our Year 11s put in a huge amount of effort and received the results they and the staff here deserved.

“I’m also pleased that targeted work to improve results among boys and high achievers paid off. Both these groups showed significant improvement on 12 months previously.

“But we don’t stand still and there are always areas for improvement.”

Mrs Dewland said the school was proud to maintain its reputation, built over many years, for high academic achievement but that its strength was not based on results alone.

“Our broad and balanced curriculum ensures we maintain our academic strength but also supports pupils in their pursuit of excellence and enjoyment in the arts, music and sport.

“Exams are important but this school develops well-rounded individuals prepared for all forms of challenge in today’s world.

“The welfare of our students is a top priority and this is another area in which the school excels.”

Last year’s ‘above average’ Progress 8 figure of 0.41 put Healing in the country’s top 20% for progress, winning an educational outcome award from the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT).

When compared to 55 schools where pupils had similar achievement at the end of key stage 2, Healing School was the best performing in the north of England and the fifth best in the whole country.

Mrs Dewland on results day in August with the GCSE students whose performances have placed the school at the top of North East Lincolnshire’s performance league tables for attainment.