Evelyn’s artwork praised by renowned artist

A well-known Canadian artist whose work inspired a Grimsby pupil returned the favour by sending her an original painting.

Healing School pupil Evelyn Fews-Charlton created a three-dimensional version of Robert McAffee’s stunning landscapes as part of a project on the Natural World.

He was alerted and responded by posting her work on his Facebook page and thanked her for "honouring him and his work".

He went on to call Evelyn’s mum from Canada and a stunning piece of artwork duly arrived in the post.

Evelyn’s fascination of the Northern Lights started with her love of BBC hit His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman.

She discovered Robert’s work painting the phenomena while researching her project.

Evelyn was “overwhelmed” by his reaction to her work.

“I’m still trying to take in all the praise of my work on social media,” she said.

“I had no idea Robert would get in touch and I’m simply amazed by his comments.” 

Her interpretation of his work used different media.

Initially it was a line drawing with pencil, then a mono print using pastels. She created a line wash using ink pens and water over the original drawing.

Finally, she photographed her work and used the resulting prints to create 3D images or sculptures with photopaper and card.

The assignment was set by art teacher Mrs Elliott as part of GCSE coursework, spread over weeks during lockdown.

Evelyn’s mum Ceinwen Fews, who contacted Robert after seeing the quality of her daughter’s work, could not believe he had sent an original oil painting of the Northern Lights.

“He has signed the back with the quote, ‘To Evelyn, may your art be inspired’,” said Ceinwen.

“Evelyn is stunned by his comments and the fact he is sharing her work, from school across all these miles. It seems that lockdown can create something wonderful for us all.”

Healing School Principal Mrs Dewland added her congratulations to Evelyn.

“Our pupils produced some inspiring work during lockdown, encouraged by their teachers,” said Mrs Dewland.

“The accolade from Mr McAffee in Canada for Evelyn’s stunning work was a highlight. His encouragement has helped inspire Evelyn and show our pupils what is possible.”