Health and Social Care


Welcome to the Health and Social Care. Here you will find everything you need to know about our department, including how we assess pupils and what each year group will be taught.

Key Stage 4 pupils have the option to study Health and Social Care as an option. They will work towards the BTEC Level 2 Technical Award, which is equivalent to one GCSE grade A*- C.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Health and Social Care Technical Award is to enable pupils to cover a wide variety of skills and concepts, in various differing ways. There are guest speakers from the NHS, organised trips to either local nurseries or residential care homes and the attendance at the ‘Icare’ event to meet all providers of health and social care within our area.

Key Stage 4 - Years 9, 10 & 11

What will our pupils study?

The course consists of 3 components.  One of these components is externally assessed as a 2 hour examination whilst other 2 are assessed internally over 4 assignments. The components you will study are:

  • Human Lifespan Development
  • Health and Social Care Services and Values
  • Health and Wellbeing
Key Stage 4 – 2020 Curriculum Recovery Programme
The way the course is structured allows for retuning to previous units at a later date. The practical  unit and Health and Social care setting visits will be returned to once social distancing restrictions are lifted. 
The order of units may change to allow for best progress to be made.
Revisions sessions will take place in January in preparation for the Component 3 Health and Wellbeing exam in February. 
  • Component 3 Health and Wellbeing – Topic content for this unit is Year 11’s main focus. Classwork has been started in September ready for the exam on February 5th 2021. Revision session will take place afterschool after October half term and during January 2021.
  • Component 1 A was due to be handed in during the lockdown period, however no coursework was allowed to be completed at home. The way the course is structured allows for retuning to this Component 1 once the exam has taken place on February 5th 2021. The retake for the exam is May 12th. 2021.
  • The role play and visit to a Health and Social Care setting normally takes place in Year 9 and Year 10, however this will not take place at present. This will be under constant review and go ahead when social distancing restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to do so. 
  • The order of units may change to allow for best progress to be made. 

How will our pupils be assessed?

A variety of assessment methods will be used such as projects, assignments, role plays/filmed evidence and presentations.

A grading scale of Pass, Merit and Distinction is applied to all units.

  • Component 1 –  Human Lifespan Development (30%) assessed through controlled coursework.
  • Component 2 –  Health and Social Care Services and Values (30%) assessed through controlled coursework.
  • Component 3 –  Health and Wellbeing (40%) assessed externally through a set task which has to be  will be completed in three hours.

How have our KS4 pupils progressed so far?

Key Stage 4 Results - Health & Social Care

4+ "standard" pass
5+ "strong" pass

What can it lead to?

You may continue to study Health and Social Care by choosing to study it at BTEC Level 3 or A level when going onto further education.  Health and Social Care could help you to gain a job in the care sector in roles such as a nurse, nursery nurse, care worker or working with the physically or mentally disabled. 

It also has strong links into the fields of physiotherapy, midwifery and the uniformed services.

Accommodation & Resources  Details of the course content Provides you with an insight into what is makes up the health and social care sectors.


Pupils generally achieve very highly in Health and Social Care.