2020/21 was another highly successful year for Healing School. We completed our ninth year as an Academy we continue to collaborate with other schools and academies within the region to help improve outcomes for pupils. 

None of these achievements would be possible without the on-going challenge, support and commitment of the Governors.

My fellow governors and I on the Local Governing Body of Healing School, are committed to providing you, and all our stakeholders, with a comprehensive range of information about the school. I trust that you will find all that you require on our website.

As a school within the Multi-Academy Trust, the Trustees of Harbour Learning Trust have to prepare an Annual Report and audited Financial Statements and hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The proceedings of the AGM will be published on our website at the end of the calendar year. Copies of our audited ‘Report and Financial Statements’ can be found on the multi-academy trust website

The Harbour Learning Trust Board is responsible for:

  • The strategic direction of the school
  • Quality assurance of systems, structures and procedures
  • Employing of all staff who work at the school
  • The overall safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and other stakeholders
  • The Admissions body for the school
  • Ownership of the land and buildings.

Currently the Local Governing Body of Healing School are:

Leigh Hirst
Governor Experience
Elected Staff Governor in October 2020.
I have taught at Healing School for twelve years and have been the Area Leader of English and Performing Arts for the past six years. I have also been the BTEC Coordinator for the school since 2016. To support teaching and learning, I have also worked as an examiner for AQA since 2011 for both English Literature and English Language and have been in the role of Senior Examiner for the past five years. This year, I also joined the Kyra Research school as an Evidence Lead in Education.
Pecuniary Interests
Start Date
Term Ends
Governor Type
Teaching Staff
Appointed by

Governors Meeting Attendance 2020-2021

Retired Governors in the last 12 months

NameLynne Bates
Start Date15/12/2018
Term Ended21/07/2021
Appointed byLocal Governing Body
NameHelen McCann
Start Date10/07/2017
Term Ended09/07/2021
Appointed byParents
NameIan Fielding
Start Date08/03/2021
Term Ended31/12/2021
Appointed ByLocal Governing Body
NameGlen Harry Woodcock
Start Date23/11/2018
Term Ended31/12/2021
Appointed ByLocal Governing Body
NameLouise Jones
Start Date10/07/2017
Term Ended31/12/2021
Appointed ByParents
NameSarah Lewin
Start Date15/12/2018
Term Ended31/12/2021
Appointed ByParents
NameJill Walker
Start Date01/09/2019
Term Ended31/12/2021
Appointed ByLocal Governing Body
NameDavid Pears
Start Date15/12/2018
Term Ended16/09/2021
Appointed ByParents
NameTony Flarty
Start Date15/12/2018
Term Ended23/10/2021
Appointed BySupport Staff
NameMichelle Dewland
Start Date12/03/2018
Term Ended31/12/2021
Governor TypePrincipal

The local governing body work with Harbour Learning Trust.

For more information on the Board of Trustee's and members please follow the link below.

Harbour Learning Trust Board members