Curriculum Provision

Curriculum Intent

The school has adopted a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 in order to implement the National Curriculum. At Key Stage 4, the retention of breadth and balance with an academic focus remains a key feature for all pupils and is at the heart of the school’s curriculum intent. At the core of this same intent is a culture of strong academic ambition and curriculum richness, which is reflected in the school’s rising EBACC aspiration.

Year 7, 8 and 9 Curriculum Implementation 

The school’s curriculum intent is implemented by offering a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage Three that builds firm foundations across all subject areas. Pupils study a rich and varied curriculum, allowing them to make informed decisions about their Learning Pathway choices by the end of Year 9. An SRE programme is also delivered as part of the curriculum. The School makes arrangements for parents to exercise their statutory right of withdrawal of their children from sex education.

In years 7, 8 and 9, pupils study the same subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Drama, Music, Technology (Food Preparation and Nutrition, Design Technology), IT and Computing, Physical Education (PE) and PHSCE.

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum Implementation

The school’s curriculum intent is reflected in continuing to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage Four that provides a choice of different pathways towards further education and a wide choice of career opportunities. As such, from Year 10 (Key Stage 4), pupils move from the Key Stage 3 curriculum to the Key Stage 4 one, as appropriate to the pupils and structure of each course. Pupils continue to study an SRE programme.  As in Key Stage 3, the School makes arrangements for parents to exercise their statutory right of withdrawal of their children from sex education.

At Key Stage 4, all pupils study three option subjects which are rooted in the school’s academic and EBACC intent in addition to the following subjects:

  • English Language and Literature.
  • Mathematics.
  • Separate Sciences, Core and Additional Science.
  • IT
  • Religious Studies.
  • PE
  • Physical, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) (Up to the end of Year 9 only).

The curriculum takes account of the full range of equality and diversity and a personalised curriculum is offered to the most vulnerable pupils with access to and achievement in the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme.

Further Curriculum Information

For further information on the curriculum taught at Healing School please see our subject pages for more detailed subject specific information.

Preparation for Post 16

As part of the wider curriculum, and throughout their time at Healing school, pupils are provided with a vast range of careers’ guidance and specialist support in order to prepare them effectively for the world of further study and work. Careers guidance is a clear strategic priority and all KS3 and KS4 pupils receive the level of CEIAG they need to support decision making for the range of Post 16 Options.

The curriculum ensures that pupils are well prepared for post 16 transition by participating in such activities as mock interviews with local business representatives, speakers in assemblies, off time-table days, careers fairs and work experience. The curriculum intent and vision is to ensure (and maintain) that high proportions of pupils leave the Academy well prepared for the next steps in their education. Developing children and young people through a wide range of experiences and enrichment enhances their wider personal and cultural development to allow them to compete in the future.


As a result of highly effective curriculum provision, pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education or training, as identified in the school’s recent Gold Standard Award in Careers Education.  Based on regional data, in 2019-20, this resulted in 99.4% (National Average is 94%) of pupils remaining in education or employment. The school’s broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses a suite of academically rooted subjects taught by specialist teachers who execute effective pedagogy, results in excellent achievement across the school.