Year 8 Work

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Please find below work set for Year 8 pupils to complete at home.

Year 8 work – W/C 06/07/2020

Tutor Reading
The Year 8 Tutor Reading Programme can be found here.

Project Work – Using Language and Structure
Pupils need to work through the tasks set on each individual class’ Google Classroom:
8 Set 1 – Mrs Stone – Code: jomaclo
8 Set 2 – Mrs Smith – Code: zbdxrnw
8 Set 3 – Mrs Stone – Code: lqzmzmb
8 Set 4 – Miss Woods – Code: rvrcgxs
8 Set 5 – Mr Vincent – Code: spclkdx
8 Set 6 – Mrs Codd – Code: ukdgbk4
8 Set 7 – Mrs Woolliss – Code: kk5tvjv
Pupils need to read the instructions to each lesson carefully before they begin the tasks. Some lessons/tasks are expected to take more than one hour.

Pupils can submit work on Google Classroom by completing work on Google Docs or complete work on paper/in their books.
Pupils should continue their reading and Accelerated Reader / MyON each week.
2020-07-06 8MA1 - ALT.docx
2020-07-06 8MA2 - MXC.docx
2020-07-06 8MA3 - AJS.docx
2020-07-06 8MA4 - DLP, MH.docx
2020-07-06 8MA5 - LAM.docx
2020-07-06 8MA6 - DLK DLP.docx
2020-07-06 8MA7 - MXC.docx
2020-07-06 8MA8 - AJS.docx
Week 1 – Natural Selection and Evolution
Week 2 – Inheritance

Google Classroom code - r57gxwc
*If pupils of any year group have forgotten their login for educake they can email Miss Crosby or their science teacher (via school office if needed) and we shall sort this out ASAP *
Please ask all pupils to check on the appropriate Google classroom regularly for any additional information on tasks.
IT & Computing
Week 1 – Communication Information
Week 2 – Hardware and Tools

Work will be issued weekly on Doddle Learn for pupils to continue their studies.  Pupils should aim to achieve over 70% of quizzes and assessments.  These will self-mark and explain answers that are incorrect.

If you are having any issues with flash player here is the guidance from Doddle on how to solve
these errors:

Optional Bonus Quiz: To celebrate the end of term in the final two weeks there is an optional
ICT/CS quiz made available which can be undertaken using the following link .
In order to take part pupils will need to “Sign up with Google” and use their school email address
(?????? and usual school password. They will be competing against
the whole of KS3 and bonus achievement points will be available to the highest scoring pupils
by the end of the school term. Don't forget when prompted pupils should enter their full name
otherwise we will not know who to award the achievement points to.
The link and information for this will also be posted on Google Classroom
General Guidance
Doddle Learn can be accessed here Use your regular school userid and password to logon.
Work issued on Google Classroom can be accessed here with pupil’s school email address (eg: and password.
Work requiring the use of eStream here will need the pupil’s to log in with their regular school userid and password.
Pupils should know their school userid, password and email address as they use these on a daily basis at school but should also have a label with this information in their journal.
Moses and the Torah
Pupils can either edit the work on computer, answer the questions in a separate document or do the work in their exercise books. There is no need to print tasks.

Google Classroom Code – olqdjnj
Mrs Elliot’s class: Cubism
Google Classroom code – k7orssg

Mr Nel’s class:Mr Nel’s class: Buildings & Architecture

Google Classroom code – hspijw2
Product in a Tin

Google Classroom code – 7wyofu4
Food & Textiles
KS3 Cooking at Home Google Classroom code: kmiiiwp (all KS3 pupils)
8Tk1 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – djzt6kc
8Tk2 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – 2cg2kwk
8Tk3 Mediterranean & Aisian Cuisine
Google Classroom code – iuk4ilf
8Tk4 Mediterranean & Aisian Cuisine
Google Classroom code – a4y3i5y
8Tk5 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – ezxn7ik
8Tk6 Mediterranean & Aisian Cuisine
Google Classroom code – pcv6k64
8Tk7 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – xczcwrs
8Tk8 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – e63fw5k
8Tk9 Cooking at Home
Google Classroom code – uii55ip
South Pacific Project
Posted in Pupil shared drive on Foldr – Subjects – Humanities – Geography – Home learning – Year 8 Week 13 and 14 End of unit end of decision making tasks
Google Classroom codes as follows:
Mrs Clarke 8M – h2m6zep
Mrs Clarke 8H – 667mncj
Mr Goodwin 8S – ylpnz4e
Mr Goodwin 8T – lklv56o
Miss Henshall 8F – f7dukpx
Miss Henshall 8O – zw5mh5e
Mrs Horner: All work posted on Google classroom you have already used.
Was America right to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945?
Google Classroom codes as follows:
8S – ahrvoim
8T – qrkhum5
8R – gsfxg23
8M – jzwy2ec
8H – 4xow3yy (Mr Chappel)
8O – v3pbcik (Mr Chappel)
8F – 65skrox (Mrs Newman)
8H, F, O & S
Autour du monde en 80 jours!
Google Classroom codes as follows:
8H – 3ejrczr
8F – cv4x6r2
8O – fv4bse2
8S – wn5h7cf

8T, R & M
French projects!
Google Classroom codes as follows:
8R – xcljo67
8M – eyf2bwh
8T – 4rymppf
Google Classroom codes as follows:
8H – 3ejrczr
8F – cv4x6r2
Rap Music
All tasks can be found on:
Task 1: Watch the video where Tara changes her breathing and vocal technique (week 1).
Task 2: Watch the top 5 tips: to improve your singing video and then read through the singing, beatboxing and rapping text (week 1).
Task 3: Listen to the examples of the vocal performances (week 1).
Task 4: Complete the task ‘your turn’.
Pick a style of music you’re interested in.
If it requires sheet music, you are likely to find lyrics and music on the internet. Listen to some versions of a chosen song and have a go – it doesn’t have to be perfect!
Find another person to perform with, whether that’s in your home or through online devices. It’s much more fun to have a go together.
Listen to lots of music and performances, both professional and amateur. Write the song that you used as your performance on to Google Classroom or alternatively, upload either a video or audio recording of your performance. This can be with the original track or with a backing track off YouTube (week 2).
Task 5: complete the quiz: performing with the voice. Please enter your score as a private comment on Google Classrooms (week 2).
Achievement points will be awarded to work submitted. If there are any issues in completing the work, please email Mrs Moore (Miss Roberts) via Google mail.
This will be a two-week task.

7S: wctv6wx
7O: qxea6zq
7H: b5ixko2
7F: yawd6nx
7T: orb2fyj
7R: kzj57ev
Changing the Law and Healthy Friendships
Leading on from last week find out about how laws can be changes at

Next visit and learn about what a healthy friendship is.

Google classroom code – ssbrvpm
Google Classroom code – smvsgxa
On here PE challenges and a PE quiz will be set each week. Pupils can join the class and try the challenges, do the quiz and submit scores.
Fitness activities that can all be done at home can be accessed via a link on the school website (attached documents) – This link below will give pupils access to over 500 free fitness videos.
e-safetyThinkyouknow worksheets

2020-07-06 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-06-22 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-06-08 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-06-01 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-05-18 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-05-04 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-04-20 Year 8 Overview.pdf

2020-03-23 Year 8 Overview.pdf