Year 7 Work

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Please find below work set for Year 7 pupils to complete at home.

Year 7 work – W/C 23/03/2020

Google Classroom Code: m6kk63g

Pupils need to follow the lessons in order and complete the tasks on the Year 7 Google Classroom
Pupils will not be able to complete the discussion elements of the group task unless they link up with other pupils on Google classroom.
The group tasks can be completed individually - they will just take longer to complete. This particularly applies to lesson 7: Magazine Magic. Pupils can create their magazine online and upload to Google Classroom.
Pupils need to read the instructions to each lesson carefully before they begin the tasks. Some lessons are expected to take more than one hour; the lesson number does not equate to a 'normal' lesson at school.


2020-03-23 7MA1 - AJS.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA2 - ALT.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA3 - DLP MXF.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA4 - MXC.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA5 - DLK MDH.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA6 - ALT.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA7 - LAM AJS.pdf
2020-03-23 7MA8 - DLK AJS.pdf
2020-03-23 7NU1 - DLP.pdf
Google Classroom code: cc4wde5
IT and Computing
KS3 IT & Computing (ALL Year 7 pupils):
Work has been issued on Doddle Learn for pupils to continue their studies. Pupils should aim to achieve over 70% of quizzes and assessments. These will self-mark and explain answers that are incorrect.
RS work for Yr 7 is in U drive on Foldr.
Directions to the correct folder are: Pupil shared – Subjects – Humanities – RS – Work – Yr 7
2020-03-23 Art work for Year 7 Mr Nel.pdf
2020-03-23 Art work for Year 7 Mrs Elliot.pdf
Google Classroom codes:
7Tk3 – hfftno2
7Tk4 – 27ve3wo
7Tk5 – g636bod
7Tk6 – f62pyvd
7Tk7 – lanp4lz
7Tk8 – nmua3cn
DT – y64e3th
2020-03-23 DT work for Year 7, Tasks 7 and 8.pdf
work for Yr 7 is in U drive on Foldr.
Complete booklets saved on U drive (U:SubjectsHumanitiesGeographyGeog Home LearningY7 )
work for Yr 7 is in U drive on Foldr.

My Files » U Drive - Pupil Shared » Subjects » Humanities » History » Year 7 Monday 23rd March - Friday 3rd April 2020
2020-03-23 MFL work for Year 7.pdf
Week 1: Pupils to complete the 'Name That Note' game on:
Pupils are to only complete the Treble Clef.
Pupils can use their Music journal page to help them complete this.
Week 2: Pupils to complete the 'Name That Note' game on:
Pupils are to only complete the Bass Clef.
Pupils can use their Music journal page to help them complete this.
If you want an editable version, then you can access the U drive version which is on Foldr. Foldr is the tab on the school website that looks like sheets of paper. Directions to the correct folder are Pupil shared - subjects – PSHCE- Home Learning work.
Google Classroom code: nkxi4cr
Week 1 & 2 is the home learning project on gambling, instructions are on the first page of the booklet.
Over the next two weeks you will be learning about gambling: what it is, what the law says and what are the problems associated with this. You have the following tasks to complete.
  1. Gambling quiz – what do you already know about gambling? The answers have been sent home so self-assess this and correct answers. Did anything surprise you? Speak to someone at home about this.
  2. Attitudes - Complete the attitude table. There are no right and wrong answers, and all responses are valid. Complete the sheet as quickly as possible without taking too much time to think — you should give your ‘gut reaction’. Speak to someone at home about this.
  3. Information - Read through the 2 information cards on gambling and addiction. Complete the notes section
  4. Information - Read through the gambling facts and example sheet – reflect on what you have learnt so far. Talk to someone at home about this
  5. Decision making - Summarise the pros and cons of gambling. Complete the hands sheets, on one hand write 5 pleasures of gambling and on the other 5 problems. Use the facts sheets to help you. Then complete your conclusion using evidence to back up your opinion.
  6. TV and Gambling – Now that you have seen the pleasures and problems gambling causes think about how this industry should be managed. Complete the advantages and disadvantages table for advertising gambling opportunities on TV.
  7. Video games – Read through the information and consider the different arguments, what is your opinion? Sara needs advice, what advice would you give her? Write a response for an agony aunt column in a magazine.
  8. Project – Based on everything you have learnt and the internet, prepare a speech or presentation on gambling. You need to include the following:
What is gambling? What forms does it take? What does the law say?
What are the positives to gambling?
What are the negatives to gambling?
What role does TV play and is this a problem?
Should video game loot boxes be considered as gambling? Why/why not? How should this be controlled?

Fitness activities that can all be done at home can be accessed via a link on the school website (attached documents) – This link below will give pupils access to over 500 free fitness videos.
e-safetyThinkyouknow worksheet
Thinkyouknow extra resource

2020-03-23 Year 7 Overview.pdf