Year 10 Work

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Please find below work set for Year 10 pupils to complete at home.

Year 10 work – W/C 18/05/2020

Tutor Reading
The Year 10 Reading Programme can be found here.

Power & Conflict Anthology Poetry
The teachers of each individual set in English are setting work on their class’ Google Classroom.
The Google Classroom Codes for each set are as follows:
  • 10 Set 1a – Mr Hirst – Code: fw3fe42
  • 10 Set 1b – Miss Woods – Code: w57fr5c
  • 10 Set 2 – Mrs Codd – Code: 6zde5vq
  • 10 Set 3 – Mr Vincent – Code: rtywaky
  • 10 Set 4 – Mrs Woolliss – Code: oqxqvst
  • 10 Set 5 – Miss Compton – Code: zyqtrew and pd2k7vj
  • 10 Set 6 – Mrs Casswell – Code: mv3y4rx
  • 10 Set 7 – Mrs Pearson – Code: sf25ssy
Work for individual sets

2020-05-18 10MA1 - DLK LAM.docx
2020-05-18 10MA2 - MXH.docx
2020-05-18 10MA3 - MXF.docx
2020-05-18 10MA4 - DLP.docx
2020-05-18 10MA5 - ALT.docx
2020-05-18 10MA6 - RJC.docx
2020-05-18 10MA7 - AJS.docx
2020-05-18 10MA8 - MXC.docx
10Sc1 – Atomic structure
Work on Google Classroom – vnh346e
10Sc2 – Earth’s atmosphere
Work on Google Classroom – z55q2od
10Sc3 – Genetics and evolution
Work on Google Classroom – 3s4pjgd
10Sc4 – History of the atom
Work on Google Classroom – 3fwao5e
10Sc5 – Inherited disorders and sex determination
Work on Google Classroom – r5umo64
10Sc6 – Combustion and atmosphere
Work on Google Classroom – 2kdr6la
10Sc7 – Inherited disorders and sex determination
Work on Google Classroom – r5umo64
10Sc8 – The Earth’s atmosphere
Work on Google Classroom – uelphod
ICTComponent 1 and 3
1.    Where possible pupils must ensure that their latest coursework for Component 1 is completed and submitted in full. This is available on Google Classroom along with Teacher Presentations and Video Lessons (Flipped Learning) to assist with completion.
2.    Pupils should complete Component 3 – Workbooks that have been made available.  This involves pupils watching a flipped learning video and completing the questions on the slides.  Information in the notes sections on each slide (example below).  They may also make use of the Flash Cards made available for revision purposes.
By the end of week 1 (18th May - 22nd May) all Task 1 - Component 1 work which can be complete should be done. If work cannot be completed due to issues or unable to access software we will catch this up on our return to school but please communicate issues with your class teacher so they are aware.
General Guidance
Doddle Learn can be accessed here Use your regular school userid and password to logon.
Work issued on Google Classroom can be accessed here with pupil’s school email address (eg: and password.
Work requiring the use of eStream here will need the pupil’s to log in with their regular school userid and password.
Pupils should know their school userid, password and email address as they use these on a daily basis at school but should also have a label with this information in their journal.
Computer ScienceComponent 1.7 Systems Software
Component 1 (Mr Dent)
Pupils are to watch the flipped learning videos available on Google Classroom.
Pupils are to ensure the Notes pages and Workbooks are completed for these units of work available on Google Classroom.
Once the above is completed the pupils are then to complete the Learning Grids available on Google Classroom. Pupils should attempt to do the Learning Grid without any help in black font, and then use any resource available to check their answers in purple font.
Pupils can, when they are ready, complete the tests available. Pupils should try to be honest and complete the tests without any help.
2.6 Data Representation 
Component 2 (Mr King)
Pupils are to watch Crash Computer Science Episodes 20 to 29 on Google Classroom.
Pupils are to ensure their work on Component 2.6 Data Representation available on Google Classroom which involves watching the flipped learning videos, completing their note pages, review teacher presentations and complete their workbook is completed and submitted.
Once the above is complete pupils should begin to work on their 2.6 Learning Grid answering the questions they know in a black font and questions they have to research or find out in a purple font.
Pupils are to use the Answers and Examples provided to DIRT their workbook and Learning Grid correcting any mistakes in purple font.  Once the workbook and Learning Grid have been improved they should be re-submitted.
If Thonny is available on their home machine, they can continue to practise their Python programming skills.  Any difficulties or issues, please email your classroom teacher via Google Mail.

Google Classroom code – e67duhv

Complete the assignment on Seneca Learning. You have been asked to complete all of unit 5.2 and 5.3 from the religions unit. Classroom code is 3ugzvhmfg6. Struggling to get on a computer or fancy something different? Create a detailed revision poster for Judaism or create flashcards for all the new key words you have learnt in this topic.
GCSE Coursework
Google Classroom codes as follows:
Mr Phillips – 6qw3qz2
Mr Norman  – 3qnexqk
Health and Social Care
Mental Health
Work on Google Classroom – dpw74v3
Mrs Elliot’s class: Natural World Coursework (60% of GCSE)
Google Classroom code – mqpz2p3
Mr Nel’s class: Finishing final piece
Google Classroom code: 6z3ehgz
GCSE NEA Preparation (2hrs)
Research into Iconic Designers and Companies
Google Classroom code – bribpsb
10B/Fd1: Mock NEA2: Food Preparation Task: Section B
Google Classroom code – xdlblj5
10C/Fd1: Mock NEA2: Food Preparation Task: Section B
Google Classroom code – t3xl7bx
Google Classroom codes as follows:
Mrs Clarke – chyx7pn
Mr Goodwin 10C1 – nznidxz
Mr Goodwin 10B1 – 6nrgoyz
Miss Henshall 10A1 –e7bi6z6.
Conflict and Tension - The League of Nations
Google Classroom codes as follows:
10A/History1 – wwekaw4
10B/History1 – apoved2
10B/History2 – 64jdzd2
10C/History1 – is2h6q5
10C/History2 – 3qn7yig
Work on Google Classroom, codes as follows:
10A/Fr1 Mrs Foster – 4br3ncm
10A/Fr2 Mrs Smith – muioaj6
10B/Fr1 Mrs Hinchliff – 6aib3fk
10B/Fr2 Mrs Smith – chpfj4b

2020-05-18 Mrs Foster 10A Fr1.docx

2020-05-18 Mrs Smith 10A Fr2.docx

2020-05-18 Mrs Hinchliff 10B Fr1.docx

2020-05-18 Mrs Smith 10B Fr2.docx
Work on Google Classroom: 10B/Gm1 Mrs Bywater – mruyufd

2020-05-18 Mrs Bywater German.docx
Music for Ensemble
Pupils are to work through the first lesson: ‘Music for Ensemble – Chamber Music’. This is based on the Area of Study 2 of the listening exam.
Multiple resources will be uploaded on to Google Classrooms for this work to be completed. If there are any issues with completing the work, pupils will need to send me an email to enable support in completing the work.
Pupils are to also select and practise a piece of music to submit as an individual performance at the end of the term.
Google Classroom code: zj7k6ty
Performing Arts
Component 2 & 3
Google Classroom code – 5vhbc5i
Careers Education
Preparing for the world of work
Google Classroom code: csxl3am

Year 10 pupils should have at least five lessons dedicated to careers education. During these lessons, pupils complete work based on ‘preparing for the world of work’ and also spend time applying for Post-16 provision.
Work on Google Classroom should be completed over a three-week period. This work is aimed at pupils having an ‘edge’ over other candidates when applying for jobs. Pupils should email Miss Henshall if they have any questions. This work is also a base for further tasks which are completed in Year 11.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award
Idea ( Create a profile then join the organisation codes: Healing2021

2020-05-18 Year 10 overview.pdf

2020-05-04 Year 10 overview.pdf

2020-04-20 Year 10 overview.pdf

2020-03-23 Year 10 overview.pdf