Covid-19 - Safeguarding

Pupils are informed that the usual ‘Healing Helpers’ email address is still active and monitored daily by Pastoral staff.  Pupils can use this email address to contact the school for support if required.  Click here to email Healing Helpers.

As per usual protocol, parental concerns should be reported to the school via the school office email address.  Your concerns will be dealt with by a member of the Pastoral Team at their earliest convenience.  Click here to email the office.

Further links and websites will also be published on the school’s social media pages:


Instagram - @team.healing

Healing School – A Science Academy is committed to maintaining our stringent safeguarding standards, especially during the period of school closure due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  Key information in relation to the monitoring process and how the school aims to protect pupils, especially those deemed as ‘vulnerable’, appropriately during this closure period is available on this page.  Please see attached action plan for further information.

Pastoral Action Plan

For further information regarding the school’s safeguarding provision, please click here for the Child Protection and Safeguarding policy

Pupils’ emotional health and well-being remains a focus for Healing School.  Useful contact details for pupils, parents and carers can be found in our self-help guide and accompanying list of resources for pupils.  Click here to see the guide

Click here to see a further list of contacts and resources.

North East Lincolnshire Council provision and advice

The local authority have posted the message below on their social media pages:

‘We know that COVID-19 will have serious impacts on the lives of women, children and men who are experiencing domestic abuse. They may feel unsafe with the prospect of being isolated in the house with their perpetrator and the current restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the virus are likely to result in an increase in domestic abuse incidents.

Please be reassured that numerous local and national domestic abuse support services remain in place and are working hard to ensure they can still offer support during this challenging time.

If you, or someone you know, are affected by domestic abuse, call Women’s Aid (who support both men and women) on 01472 575757.

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police. If you can’t speak, dial 999 and then 55 to still get help.

For contact details of further domestic abuse support services visit this website.

Click here to see the NELC Domestic Abuse Helpline poster.

Click here for other useful numbers.

Further Local Authority provision and support is also available.  Click here to be directed to the ‘SaferNEL’ website.

Healing School is aware that this time may be very confusing for pupils.  The safeguarding department of North East Lincolnshire Council have created a booklet aimed at supporting children to understand what is happening and to reduce any fears and anxiety that they may have.  Click here to view the information booklet.

Operation Galaxy at Humberside Police have also created an introduction to keeping safe booklet for pupils to work through at their leisure.  Click here to view the booklet.

Topic 2 from Operation Galaxy can be found here.

Topic 3 from Operation Galaxy can be found here.

Topic 4 from Operation Galaxy can be found here.

The majority of work provision for Healing School pupils is online-based.  The following links relate to e-safety and aim to assist parents to support their child appropriately when working on the internet.

Further to the general e-safety links above, the following documents are specifically aimed supporting children and their use of social media.

TikTok - Parent Factsheet

Instagram - Parent Factsheet

SnapChat - Parent Factsheet

Fortnite - Parent Factsheet

YouTube - Parent Factsheet

Pupils, parents and carers are reminded of the Home-School agreement during this time of increased online activity.  Click here to view the Home-School Agreement.

Thinkuknow resources

Thinkuknow have created a page designed to support parents during school closure due to Covid-19.  

Click here to access activity packs for pupils in Years 7 and 8.

Click here to access activity packs for pupils in Years 9 and above.

Click here to visit the website