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September 2020 – School Re-Opening Plans

The school has written to all parents/carers detailing our plans for re-opening in September 2020.  The year group information grid refers to the year group pupils will be in from September 2020.  See here for more details.

The school has also made altered arrangements for the first day of the next academic year (Thursday 3rd September 2020).  Click here to read the letter, which has been distributed to parents/carers via email.

Free School Meals

Parents and carers of pupils eligible for Free School Meals have been contacted via email regarding an update to the school’s provision.  Pupils in school during the partial closure period will need to bring a packed lunch, unless the pupil is entitled to a Free School Meal, and in which case a packed lunch will be provided.

Welfare and Safeguarding Support

Pupils are informed that the usual ‘Healing Helpers’ email address is still active and monitored daily by Pastoral staff.  Pupils can use this email address to contact the school for support if required.  Click here to email Healing Helpers.

As per usual protocol, parental concerns should be reported to the school via the school office email address.  Your concerns will be dealt with by a member of the Pastoral Team at their earliest convenience.  Click here to email the office.

Further links and websites will also be published on the school’s social media pages:


Instagram - @team.healing

Healing school naturally still want to be able to offer support in terms of pupil and family welfare and support for safeguarding.  There is a dedicated section of the website detailing key safeguarding information.  Click here for more information.

As you may be aware, due to campaigning by Marcus Rashford, the government has pledged extra funds to guarantee pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals receive a voucher during the summer holiday. Parents/Carers who have a child in receipt of free school meals have been contacted regarding this matter.

Work provision

Healing School staff are working hard to provide work for all pupils during the period of closure, but not including the planned Easter Holiday. Work will be published on the school’s website under the Covid-19 tab and will be updated as and when necessary.  It is likely that work will be provided in blocks of two weeks at this stage.

Key Workers

Due to the declining demand for education provision and very minimal pupil numbers, Healing School is now completely closed.  Alternative provision for ‘vulnerable’ pupils and those children of key workers has been sourced and relevant families have been informed.  If you are a key worker or a parent of a vulnerable child and are unable to find alternative childcare provision, and therefore need to access the provision available through the Multi-Academy Trust, please contact the school via the office email –

Please note that in two-parent families, both parents should have a profession detailed on the published list.

Please also note, should provision need/demand increase over the coming weeks, the school will of course review its decision to source provision elsewhere. 

Healing School would like to thank all parents and carers for their wonderful support and kind words.  We would especially like to thank everyone for adhering to the government advice and keeping children at home where possible, as this has allowed us to further protect our school community.  We hope everyone stays safe and well in such unprecedented times.

Year 11 Exam and Post-16 Information

As you may be aware, the GCSE summer exam series has been cancelled as part of the Government’s approach to slowing the spread of coronavirus.  Further information regarding the Government’s approach to ensuring pupils are not affected by this can be found here.

The school has received further information from the government and exam boards with regards to GCSE grades and a copy of a letter from Ofqual has been emailed to parents and carers of Year 11 pupils.  Click here to see the letter.

Due to the change in the way GCSE grades are awarded this year, the school has revised relevant policies.  Click here to view the ‘Summer 2020 Results Policy’.  There is also an informative pupil guide available, click here to view.

Peter Kennedy, the Principal of Franklin College, has written to all future students regarding their progression to 6-Form education.  This letter has been shared with all parents of Year 11 pupils and can be found here.

Franklin College have also produced resources for those pupils joining them in September.  Click here for more information.

Year 11 Correspondence and Updates

Healing School have maintained contact with parents/carers of Year 11 pupils via email.  Correspondence distributed can be found below:

Click here to see the letter distributed to parents/carers regarding the Year 11 GCSE awarding process.

Click here to see the letter distributed to parents/carers regarding Year 11 prom

Click here to see the letter distributed to parents/carers regarding Year 11 GCSE results

Year 10 Correspondence and updates

Please see below letters regarding Year 10 pupils:

Click here to see the Year 10 update following the government’s announcement regarding Year 10 pupils returning to school

Click here to see plans for the school re-opening for Year 10 pupils

Click here to see an update on Year 10 work experience

Year 7 - 10 Individual Reports

Click here to see correspondence regarding Year 7 – 10 pupils’ individual reports

Year 10 Parents' Evening

Please click here for more information. 

Year 10 Rock Climbing Visit 2020

Please click here for more information. 

Year 10 London Trip 2020

Please click here for more information.

Year 8 PGL Trip

Please click here for more information.

School appeals update

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on School Admission Appeals

We have been monitoring government guidance as to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on School Admissions Appeals.

Unfortunately, it has been necessary to postpone all School Admissions Appeals.  Please note that this may result in unavoidable delays in processing and scheduling the appeals.

We are currently awaiting further guidance from the Department for Education as to how appeals should be dealt with during this period.

We will provide updates on this as and when they are received