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What to do if your child develops Coronavirus

Free School Meals

Parents and carers of pupils eligible for Free School Meals have been contacted via email regarding an update to the school’s provision. Pupils in school during the partial closure period will need to bring a packed lunch.

Welfare and Safeguarding Support

Pupils are informed that the usual ‘Healing Helpers’ email address is still active and monitored daily by Pastoral staff.  Pupils can use this email address to contact the school for support if required.  Click here to email Healing Helpers.

As per usual protocol, parental concerns should be reported to the school via the school office email address.  Your concerns will be dealt with by a member of the Pastoral Team at their earliest convenience.  Click here to email the office.

Further links and websites will also be published on the school’s social media pages:


Instagram - @team.healing

Healing school naturally still want to be able to offer support in terms of pupil and family welfare and support for safeguarding.  There is a dedicated section of the website detailing key safeguarding information.  Click here for more information.

Work provision

Pupils can access remote learning via Google Classroom, using the codes they already have.  If you child has forgotten a code, please contact the school office. Pupils should access classes as per their usual timetable, when their teacher is available to answer live-time queries.  Some live lessons are also to be trialled.

Further information regarding the school’s remote learning offer is available to view in this document.


The school’s lateral flow test centre is open for pupils and staff currently in school.  All relevant information regarding testing, including the testing schedule, has been distributed to relevant parents/carers.  More information about the test can be found here.

Information about how data is processed can be found by reading the following privacy notices:

HSA privacy notice

Appendix 3 – Pupils/Parents

Appendix 3 – Staff

DfE privacy notice

Risk Assessments

To view the school’s completed risk assessment in response to re-opening and Coronavirus, click here.