Preparation For Working Life


Welcome to the PWL page. Here you will find out everything you need to know about our department including what we teach and how we assess our pupils.

Aims and Objectives

To provide all pupils in KS3 with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare them to be responsible citizens ready to take their place in either higher education or the world of work after they leave school. Also to enable them to apply the knowledge and skills and understanding developed at school in the workplace, together with having the knowledge and confidence to make good personal health and economic decisions.

Key Stage 3 - Year 7 & 8

What will our pupils study?

  • PWL (Preparation for Working Life) is delivered once a week in KS3 taught by a dedicated team of teachers.

  • PWL contributes to the School Curriculum by teaching pupils the skills, knowledge and understanding to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens who feel prepared for the world of work when they leave school.

  • PWL also includes elements of personal, health, vocational, and work related learning. Social, economic and enterprise education are also included together with an overview of the role of citizenship in our society.

Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 - Years 9

What will our pupils study?

In Year 9 PWL (Preparation for Working Life) is delivered once a week and is taught by a dedicated team of teachers.

Pupils in KS4 will be studying the following topic areas;

  • Personal Awareness
  • Prevent Scheme
  • Economic and financial aspects of life
  • The World of Work

These topic areas will be taught in units of study, building upon the knowledge they already have from KS3. Assessments will take place termly or half termly, whereby pupils will be asked to answer exam style questions which will then be marked to GCSE standard.

In Year 10 PWL is not formally delivered as a lesson each week but pupils complete a unit called Applying for Jobs and Courses this is to prepare pupils for their work experience placement at the end of Year 10.

In Year 11 PWL is not formally delivered as a lesson each week. Pupils do however undertake a sequence of lessons to help them enrol onto their desired further education provider. This work is delivered in collaboration with Lincs2.

Curriculum Overview